1st March 2018

Invitation to Donal’s Inaugural Lecture. 11th April. 17h30 onwards

All welcome.

You are invited to join Professor Donal McNally, Professor of Bioengineering, University of Nottingham – for his Inaugural Lecture.

This lecture will take a tour of the biomechanics of some of the squishier parts of the human body.

Paralleling Professor McNally’s research career, it will illuminate the fascinating form and function behind continence and spinal motion, explain the e ects of disease and injury, and then go on to examine the mechanisms of injuries to the spine, aorta and brain that result from trauma such as car crashes. Finally, it will consider how severe brain injuries, linked to ambulance transport, might be minimised in extremely low birthweight babies.

Wednesday 11 April, 6pm Keighton Auditorium, University Park. University of Nottingham

5.30pm – Refreshments 6pm – Inaugural Lecture 7pm – Drinks reception

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