• To identify the biochemical basis for disc disorders.
  • To produce a reliable diagnosis of existing and potential disc disorders.
  • To improve the success rate for surgical treatment of disc disorders.
  • To develop a non-surgical treatment for disc disorders.

Henry V Crock, the Founder of DISCS

As a surgeon specialising in the treatment of patients with disc disorders, over a career spanning more than 30 years, I became increasingly aware of the importance of the blood supply relating to the discs and to the spinal nerves. Interference to the flow of blood along these nerve roots is a potent cause of sciatica. The realisation of this underlying pain mechanism has led to the development of simple safe surgical techniques aimed at relieving these blockages to blood flow by enlarging the holes on either side of the spinal column through which the nerves – surrounded by obstructed blood vessels – pass out of the spine to run down the patient’s legs.

This treatment is frequently performed without direct interference with the disc itself. It is less traumatic than more complex surgery such as spinal fusion or disc replacement and leads to faster recovery time and better long term results for the patient.

DISCS was founded in 1993 to search for ways to prevent and eliminate disc related pain, disability and the trauma of surgery. It has commissioned research and teaching projects, such as an extremely successful MRI investigation into Isolated Disc Resorption.

We at DISCS believe that the results of concentrated research will soon justify the hard work and expenditure involved, not only in our better understanding of the human intervertebral disc but in relieving hundreds of thousands of adults and children from the agony of back pain and the trauma of surgery.

DISCS is working towards cures for back pain and has initiated several new and significant research projects, outlined separately.

Consultant Spinal Surgeon and Founder of Discs

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