I became President of DISCS because I know from personal experience how painful and debilitating back pain can be, as indeed do millions of others.

From DISCS’ Chairman

Mr Henry V Crock, our Founder, successfully operated on me and I am immensely grateful to him. With his help and leadership and that of other researchers, a considerable amount of progress has been made in research into what will ultimately become cures, perhaps even non-surgical cures, for spinal disorders.

As this website demonstrates, much still remains to be done. It can be achieved but because our only source of income is voluntary contributions, we must rely upon you for support. DISCS is a unique organisation in the UK and it fills a large research gap in the medical field. I urge you to read the important information in this website and help us to finance the continuing work and play a vital role in ridding the world of such awful suffering.

Lord Brabourne CBE
Late President of DISCS


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