So many people’s backs ache and we are looking to solve this elusive issue.

The Solution


It is now widely accepted that many forms of back pain and sciatica are caused by disruption to the complex biochemistry and physiology of intervertebral discs. New advances in protein chemistry, histochemistry and magnetic resonance imaging are allowing us to study more effectively the causes of back pain.


DISCS aims to develop new diagnostic, preventative and curative techniques that are applicable to the treatment of spinal disorders. To do this DISCS will actively support teaching projects born from the findings of its research. It understands the important part that electronic media can play in increasing the appeal of a subject, the speed of its dissemination worldwide and its ability to deliver complex subjects in ways that are interesting and memorable.


Where DISCS’ resources will not stretch to important research, the charity highlights and promotes opportunities for others to design and deliver projects which will result in significant leaps forward in understanding and treatment of spinal disorders.

Research into back pain